M.J MULCAHY – ” Petals in the Well “

Posted: November 6, 2022 in MUSIC

If you’ve been to the movies you’ll know that they often have music playing while the actors drive around or have a gunfight or go to a funeral or fooling around or winning or losing. Just about wherever the director thinks some certain music would be nice.

Where does all that music come from? Hollywood probably, but not every song is from there. Sometimes they ask for a song you already have and sometimes they ask you to write one.This record is the latter. All this music, mostly instrumentals was stuff I wrote for movies but was never used. They used other music which was not great, but show biz is like that. The first 8 songs were for a movie called ‘The Last Word’ directed by my friend Mark Pellington.

One of the songs was supposed to have been used when Shirley Maclaine was walking into her house or something. That would have been a thrill. The rest are a lot of ideas I though up after watching some scenes Mark sent me. Songs 9-15 are from a movie called ‘Spring Forward’, written and directed by my very good friend Tom Gilroy. It’s a wonderful movie w/ Ned Beatty & Liev Schrieber. It takes place in Connecticut and even has a guy wearing a Miracle Legion t-shirt.Solid continuity. Most of the songs didn’t make it, but this is the demo for “A Cup of Tea“. Tom ended up using a re-recorded version as the credits song. Sweet success. A bunch of misfit songs that sat in a drawer. Til now.

MJ Mulcahy – Writer, performer and recorder

Now you know the rest of the story……Released November 4th, 2022

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