H.C. McENTIRE – ” Every Acre “

Posted: November 4, 2022 in MUSIC

If naming is a form of claiming, of being claimed, how is one tethered to both the physical landscape that surrounds us, as well as our own internal emotional landscape—at times calm, at times turbulent, and ever changing? H.C. McEntire’s new album “Every Acre” grapples with those themes—themes that encompass grief, loss, and links to land and loved ones. And naming—claiming land, claiming self, being claimed by ancestry and heritage—permeates the hauntingly beautiful landscape that is this poignant collection of songs.

H.C. McEntire’s new album “Every Acre” is out in January, and the latest single is mid-tempo country/folk track “New View.” “Inspired by a late-night meditation under an October full moon, the lyrics for ‘New View’ were written from a place of possibility and promise – the feeling of falling in love, affirming its realness and rawness, committing to the openness and bravery required for it to fully emerge, being willing to let it lead,” H.C. says. “It is about leaning into the notion that what you seek is seeking you and making room for its manifestation. Musically, ‘New View’ is the most collaborative composition on “Every Acre”, an album that rejoices in creative partnership – Luke, Casey, Daniel, Missy, and myself. In many ways, it is a song that wrote itself, while the tape was rolling – five bodies in a room together, each willing to offer an unfiltered view from where they were standing.”

Performed by:
H.C. McEntire: vocals, electric guitar, field recordings
Luke Norton: electric and acoustic guitar, piano, Wurlitzer, pump organ
Casey Toll: upright and electric bass
Daniel Faust: drums, percussion
Missy Thangs: keys, Farfisa, Hammond, synthesizer
Amy Ray: backing vocals on “Turpentine” (appears courtesy of Daemon Records)
S.G. Goodman: backing vocals on “Shadows” (appears courtesy of Verve Records)

This album was written and recorded on traditional territory of the Eno, Lumbee, Occaneechi, Shakori, Saponi, Tuscarora, Catawba, Sissipahaw, Tutelo, Adshusheer, and Cheraw peoples.

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