DEATH VALLEY GIRLS – ” It’s All Really Kind of Amazing “

Posted: November 4, 2022 in MUSIC

After following this red-hot Los Angeles garage band since their 2014 debut LP “Street  Venom” hit me in the face to see the band live Death Vally Girls explode on stage, Are they that special I hear you ask. Absolutely. This crazed quartet combines the raw power of The Stooges‘, The Cramps‘ rockabilly lunacy, and Black Sabbath‘s metallic insanity and they inject their sonic havoc with a cool, dark sense of humour. Death Valley Girls’ ongoing mission is to use their scorching blend of garage punk, communal music, fiery riffage, and desert psychedelia as a vehicle for reconfiguring our perception and tapping into the beauty of the human experience. On their latest single, “It’s All Really Kind of Amazing,” Death Valley Girls continue their mystical quest for transcending the mire of our modern reality with divine rock n’ roll mantras, goosebump-inducing hooks, and Bonnie Bloomgarden’s impassioned vocal performances. While the band built their reputation on sweat-drenched, electrically charged anthems, “It’s All Really Kind of Amazing” delves into their more recent penchant for Larry Schemel’s chiming guitar chords, Bloomgarden’s nimble electric piano lines, big choral hooks, and intoxicating layers of instrumentation. Further bolstered by Rikki Styxx on drums, Emily Retsas on bass, and the gang vocals of Little Ghost, Pickle, and Kelsey Whatever NBD,

As expected the band’s ringleader Bonnie Bloomgarden led the rollicking troops last night. Intoxicating opener Abre Camino from new stirring album “Darkness Rains” set the heated tone of a stormy set instantly, with blazing bangers Death Valley BoogieDiscoElectric High and the already classic stormer “Disaster (Is What Were’ After)” being the tumultuous highlights of a thunderous live show…

In between, ambiguous groove Gettin Hard, infectious poppy chant Pink Radiation
and organ injected swagger Wear Black showed their versatile songwriting caliber while Bonnie was wandering all over the place and hugged cracking bass player Pickle a couple
of times. She’s the charismatic eyecatcher of a hell-raising foursome that spoiled us all 

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