BNNY – ” Breaking Up “

Posted: November 3, 2022 in MUSIC

Bnny, led by Jess Viscius alongside her twin sister Alexa Viscius return with a new single, “Breaking Up” ahead of a run of dates with Dehd in the UK/Europe as well as two headline shows in London & Paris beginning tonight. The track follows debut album ‘Everything’, which Pitchfork calls “a beautiful record from wall to wall… worth every year that went into it,”. “Yet another breakup song,” Viscius jokes. “A reflection of my past and present.”

We’d say it’s an essential listen but you don’t have to just take our word for it!

“With a smoky alto and languid delivery, Bnny’s Jess Viscius uses her cloud-vapor voice to bely the harrowing emotional content of her lyrics. Matching them with her band Bnny’s spare, country-tinged Americana makes for a compelling combination, as the group incorporates late-night haze and True Detective levels of noir cool into its arsenal.” – AV Club

“There’s a lot of beauty in Viscius’ coolly melodic psych rock, not least of all in how honestly she sketches the experience of plumbing such bewildering depths of loss.” – Bandcamp

“Fragile, tactile, tender… it’s a frequently gorgeous thing.” – DIY 

“A deceptively bold debut that opts to do more with less, relying on polished rock minimalism and the raw emotion of Jess Viscius’ songwriting to land its knockout blows.” – Paste 

“Bnny’s debut album contains multitudes.” – Uncut 

A new single from Bnny out now on Fire Talk Records.

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