The BLACK ANGELS – ” Icon “

Posted: October 31, 2022 in MUSIC

Psych rockers The Black Angels perform the song outside Space ATX studio on the release of their new LP “Wilderness of Mirrors” .

There is a whole lot more Black Angels recordings in the world, with the iconic Austin heavy-psych troupe releasing their double new album “Wilderness of Mirrors” . This morning they shared one last teaser from the LP with the wailing, politically charged single “Empires Falling”—but today they’re also offering an additional sneak peek at the project with a live video of another new track titled “Icon.” “The song ‘Icon’ has been floating around for about 16 years,” the band clarifies. “[Vocalist Alex Maas] had the original song idea, but we wanted to see what happened if The Black Angels gave it a go!”

Performing the track for a recent “Neighborhoods” session, the band did their best to illustrate the new album’s title by setting up in the woods outside Space ATX recording studio in Austin, while the psychedelic camera effects often mirror the imagery of the band’s setup. “We imagine this filmed version of ‘Icon’ as what we would have sounded like deep in the Texas woods in the year 1865,” the band adds—a point enhanced by one member donning a Civil War cap in the clip. “It is extremely exciting for us to watch, anticipate, and experience the transition of what a song becomes. It’s like directions to hearing a ghost—a ghost of who one used to be.”

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