BEACH WEATHER – ” Sex, Drugs, Etc. “

Posted: October 30, 2022 in MUSIC

The gorgeous “Sex, Drugs, Etc.” by Beach Weather sounded an instant hit in my ears. I’m certain I’ve listened to it over 100 times on Spotify! Interestingly, the song was originally recorded in 2016, and was featured on their debut EP “Chit Chat“. After releasing another EP “What a Drag”, the band went on hiatus as the three members – Nick Santino, Reeve Powers, and Sean Silverman – relocated to different cities and began working on their own solo projects.

They reunited late last year, and began recording their forthcoming debut album “Pineapple Sunrise”, featuring their single “Unlovable”, which dropped August 11th, their first release in five years. In the meantime, “Sex, Drugs, Etc.” went viral on TikTok, and started getting airplay on AltNation and alternative radio stations. I was immediately struck by the song’s dreamy melody, Nick’s captivating vocals and the beautiful harmonies, and it debuted on both the Billboard Alternative Airplay in early September. 

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