KIM CHURCHILL – ” Dawn Sounds “

Posted: October 28, 2022 in MUSIC

my new album is coming out January 13th 2023. It’s called ‘Dawn Sounds’. I’m so so happy with it. I’ve recently taken to getting up at about 4.45 AM and making a cup of tea and lighting some candles and writing my songs. They come straight out of dreams and seem to stem from a deeper place in my heart. Less mind in there you know. So we recorded ‘Dawn Sounds’ out the back of Byron over three days during sunrise.

I have a little taster from ‘Dawn Sounds’ for you. ‘Come Back Free’ comes out today! It’s a song about failure. How important it is for growth. How it represents an occasion in which you rose – regardless of the outcome. Rising to occasions is the real path of life. This is growth and the journey. ‘Come Back Free’ celebrates that moment, sometime’s a bit down the line, where you realise you’re ok and you’re stronger and you’re back baby! I shot the film clip with my dear friend Saskia Burmiester around the Hunter Valley

forthcoming album Dawn Sounds:

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