BABEHOVEN – ” Light Moving Time “

Posted: October 28, 2022 in MUSIC

When Maya Bon and Ryan Albert met with their future label Double Double Whammy for the first time, they brought a collection of plump, homegrown tomatoes for the occasion. That pastoral touch mirrors what the duo accomplish in their music as Babehoven. As practitioners of homespun indie rock, there’s a picturesque quality to their work that renders each listen multi-sensory. The Babehoven sound has a cooling texture, a verdant visual, an organic taste. But over six EPs in four years, the duo presented diverse approaches to cultivating those sensations, including soft, frank rock on “Demonstrating Visible Differences in Height”, haunting tape manipulation on “Yellow Has a Pretty Good Reputation” and molasses-slow folk on “Sunk”. The duo combine each of these styles and more on “Light Moving Time”, their long-anticipated debut LP.

On “Light Moving Time”, Babehoven are not in a rush. Relaxed tempos are central to their discography.

Babehoven are Duster superfans and their shared preference for DIY recording gives the music its contemplative, hand-hewn texture. Their music rests at the intersection of the observant lyricism of Roy Orbison and the rhythmic creativity of Dear Nora. The resultant artifact is as crisp and pensive as the undulating Appalachian foothills. 

It is a dream come true that I get to write songs and put them out there for folks to connect with. it’s a dream within a dream that @ryanalbertsound and I to get to record these songs together to expand and support them into their fullest forms. it’s even a wilder dream within all the dreams that we get to release these songs on our favourite label Double Double Whammy. we feel so grateful!

These songs were recorded in our bedroom in upstate New York during the icy, pensive, and beautiful months of winter 2022. Ryan and I holed up in our room and poured all of our love and attention into them. for Ryan, I feel too much gratitude to even know how to begin sharing. he cradles the songs I write and brings the most sensitive and expansive ear to each one.

Babehoven’s debut album ‘Light Moving Time’ available everywhere on LP/CD/digital October 28th, 2022 on Double Double Whammy

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