WAND – ” Spiders In The Rain “

Posted: October 27, 2022 in MUSIC

While fans await a new studio album to follow 2019’s ‘Laughing Matter’, Los Angeles psych-rock outfit Wand present a document of themselves in their greatest context – on the stage and in front of an audience. ‘Spiders In The Rain’ is a patchwork of live recordings from throughout their career, and in many ways the quintessential Wand album.

Since 2014, Wand have made five albums (and an EP) in the studio and a living playing on the road. Business / pleasure: the two sides of their (multiverticed, decagon) coin, flipping in the strobe light of ongoing self-actualization. And yet, by doing both at the same time – making a record of them playing live – they’ve now made their best one yet.

With 2020 hindsight (and magic mics), we spy Wand in their late “Plum/Laughing Matter” quintet style, rolling up the west coast and rolling out the magic carpet. These nights spent communing with the crowds and jamming toward infinity (fittingly) promise that we’ll meet again, on nights like these further down the Möbius strip. But you KNEW this!!!

releases October 28th, 2022

2022, Drag City Inc.

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