CRYSTAL CITIES – ” Love Don’t Live Here Anymore “

Posted: October 27, 2022 in MUSIC

Sydney indie rock three-piece Crystal Cities have made a triumphant return after almost a year-long hiatus. Although that’s not to say they haven’t been busy. Lead vocalist and guitarist/keyboardist Geoff Rana has been spending days on end in his self-made studio where he’s been writing, producing and engineering the band’s latest material. Today we get the first taste of said latest material in the form of new single, “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore”.

While the band’s previous effort – their sophomore album “Hold Me Close Hold Me Tight” – was an exercise in hard-hitting alternative rock that could rattle a live audience, “Love Don’t live Here Anymore” feels more explorative and colourful. Yes, the signature big anthemic chorus is still there, however this time it feels more personable, more relatable, and more emotive. Rana even tries his hand at a low croon for the song’s verses which will be a pleasant surprise for listeners familiar with their back catalogue.

It was through this song that I found myself reuniting with why I write songs and why I love it so much. ‘Love Don’t Live Here Anymore’ is about the experience of losing something or someone you once loved and then the joy you get from reconnecting with, or rediscovering that something or someone.”
Geoff Rana (vocals/guitar/keys)

The song also features the band’s newest member, Neel Shukla. Shukla replaces previous drummer Daniel Conte who has performed on all the band’s previous work.
Long-time Crystal Cities collaborator Paul Lani (David Bowie, Prince) was once again tapped to handle mixing and mastering duties for the recording.

SInce the band’s formation in 2016 they have released a highly praised EP – “Who’s Gonna Save Us Now” (2017) – and two critically acclaimed albums – “Under The Cold Light of the Moon” (2019) and “Hold Me Close Hold Me Tight” (2021).

The band consists of Geoff Rana (lead vocals, guitar, keys), Jared King (Bass, backing vocals), and newest member, Neel Shukla (Drums). 

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