SOUR WIDOWS – ” I-90 “

Posted: October 26, 2022 in MUSIC

San Francisco Bay area trio Sour Widows share “I-90,” an explosive new single produced in collaboration with Oakland-based engineer Maryam Qudus (Spacemoth).

Written in 2017 after the devastating loss of their partner, Sour Widows’ Maia Sinaiko speaks to the song’s growth and development: “I wrote ‘I-90’ at a time when all I could do was make music alone in my room. Day to day life was a constant cycling through memories of places, feelings and experiences of which I was now the sole keeper. I found that the most mundane memories – driving in my partner’s car, the rural midwest landscapes of my college town – felt priceless, acting as vivid portals into what was now an irrevocable part of my life. The endlessness of grief supersedes the normal passage of time and the people we lose remain in places we can never go back to. It’s magic and terrible all at once; that is what this song is about.”

Maia Sinaiko – Guitar and Vocals
Susanna Thomson – Guitar and Vocals
Max Edelman – Drums
Will Bohrer – Bass
Maryam Qudus – Synth

“I-90” is the latest single from Sour Widows, out now on Exploding in Sound Records.

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