PIXIES – ” Doggerel “

Posted: October 23, 2022 in MUSIC

Alt-rock guitar shredder Joey Santiago of the Pixies are about to embark on a gruelling southern hemisphere, Japanese, and European tour to promote their new album “Doggerel”. Donning a cap of course, framed by some very striking artwork from his LA home, Santiago spoke to discuss the new album and some burning Pixies’ myths. The LP is a mix of classic Pixies and a more mature, mellower feel.

Producer Tom Dalgety once again takes the reins on “Doggerel”, his third project with the band. Singer Black Francis came loaded with new songs to the initial sessions before completing the album with the full band during mid-winter at Guilford Sound, Vermont in early 2022.

Pixies members features drummer David Lovering and bassist Paz Lenchantin“Doggerel” is the band’s eighth studio album and their fourth since reforming in 2004, following 2014’s “Indie Cindy“, 2016’s “Head Carrier“, and 2019’s “Beneath the Eyrie”.

Joey Santiago: this is the first co-write you have ever done with the Pixies? Yeah, it is, but let me preface that by saying, I do my own guitar parts. Well, you know, when the band went to Wales after the BBC 6 Festival in April [2022], we went to Rockfield Studios and recorded three of my ideas on there. I never bothered because Charles [Black Francis] wants to be the principal songwriter.

That was very true and previously I held to that. Nothing was broken, and nothing is still broken, so I never did it. I also had this fear that was once everyone starts getting on the board of co-writes, that sounds like the end of the band, doesn’t it?

we have recorded so far about seven or eight demos for the next album. There will be a ninth album, we’re planning that already. After a good amount of a break, we will start recording again some time next year. We’re already kicking around what part of the world to work and record in next time.

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