DAZY – ” Out Of Body “

Posted: October 23, 2022 in MUSIC

Richmond, Virginia’s James Goodson project Dazy, is back with another new single ahead of “Out of Body” due out October 28th, on Lame-O Records. the music video, “On My Way” is the third single off Dazy’s debut album after “Split” and “Rollercoaster Ride.” Dazy is for the people. People who know the words to every Punk-O-Rama compilation. People with an emergency Oasis reunion fund. People who will talk your ear off about Dookie. People who worship at the altar of the Jesus And Mary Chain’s proto-shoegaze. People who love ’60s pop (and can tolerate full-throttle guitar distortion). People who dig the current wave of independent power pop, led by the likes of Mo Troper and Young Guv.

Dazy goes with “On My Way,” staying true to his vision of combining “big room, widescreen hooks with homemade, bedroom production,” as press notes put it. Goodson shrugs off existential dread (“Comet won’t miss, but I’ll just be on my way / Spreading that stress, but I’ll just be on my way”) over a drum machine beat and blown-out guitar and bass, eventually whammy-ing his way into a pocket of spacey psych-rock.

A catchy record packed with quick, fuzzy songs, Dazy’s official debut LP “OUTOFBODY” builds on the success of last year’s compilation “MAXIMUMBLASTSSUPERLOAD”.  pointing out his influences as “uncomplicated music that you can return to endlessly.” That’s a great way to describe “OUTOFBODY”. It’s got a thick, 1990s power pop sound, and would sound perfect in a coming-of-age movie or on a ‘90s radio station. Goodson is a one-man band, recording every vocal and instrumental on the album by himself, but the album still sounds huge. “OUTOFBODY” is meant to be turned all the way up on your car stereo so you can let your mind swim into the distorted guitars. 

Feedback and guitar fuzz hang in the air alongside Goodson’s vocal harmonies, a rare unmoored moment that he follows with one last crashing, power-pop shout along. 

Dazy from the album ‘Out Of Body’, out October 28th 2022 on Lame-O Records

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