BLACK NITE CRASH – ” Washed In The Sound With “

Posted: October 23, 2022 in MUSIC

If you’re into psychedelic rock junk you’ll play this hell of a record ’til your ears bleed. You’ll get intoxicated with a transfixing mix of influences by masters of the genre such as jangly hero Anton Newcombe and his Brian Jones Town Massacre gang (Stupid Games / In Time / Failure), The Black Angels (S.P.M.U. / Stupid Games) and Heart (TieMe Down / Sugarwave) when second vocalist Claire Tucker gets behind the microphone instead of maestro Jim Biggs. It’s all served with layers of mind-expanding guitars and hallucinogenic imagination. Black Nite Crash are a psych collective started by Jim Biggs (vocals, guitar) twenty years ago in Seattle Washington. The band has had more than 30 members over the years.

Listen to the first single from our new album, “Washed in the Sound with Black Nite Crash” Jim Biggs: “This is the band’s fifth full length in nearly twenty years of existence, and
it looks to be the start of a period of more frequent releases as we work through our backlog of unreleased recorded songs, not to mention the surplus of new material we’re working on even now. As to the music, I’ve long been a proponent of the idea that all rock music should only be about god, girls and drugs (or god, boys, and drinking, or any combination of those themes, really), but it’s hard to look at the state of the nation and the state of the world and not say a thing or two about it.”

Get the sonic picture? I thought so. 

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