TEGAN AND SARA – ” Crybaby “

Posted: October 22, 2022 in MUSIC

The punchy, propulsive “I Can’t Grow Up” is the latest single off Tegan and Sara’s new album, “Crybaby”, which is out next month. The song “was musically inspired by Chicago band Dehd and their album “Flower of Devotion,” Sara Quin says. “The song started on bass, an instrument I’d never written with until “Crybaby”, and I was channelling a little bit of Emily Kempf from Dehd, and Peter Hook from New Order. My partner had travelled back to the U.S., after a year of being stuck in Canada during the pandemic, and I was enjoying late nights alone writing music and singing full tilt in the basement.”

Tegan and Sara trotted out one last advance single, “Smoking Weed Alone,” earlier this week before the arrival of their 10th studio album, “Crybaby”, this friday.

“With this album, I wanted there to be a dialogue that we could have about the songs. Some of Tegan’s songs became almost like duets, because she allowed me to go in there and challenge her to rewrite lyrics,” Sara Quinn said of the son. “I wanted a narrative that could tie into our relationship and some of the things that were happening in our life, even if the song wasn’t about that. And for ‘Smoking Weed Alone,’ there’s a chorus where we’re sort of singing to each other, and we haven’t done that before, in our career.”

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