MELODY’S ECHO CHAMBER – ” Norfolk Hotel “

Posted: October 14, 2022 in MUSIC

Melody’s Echo Chamber will release Unfold, a “lost” album of songs recorded in 2013 that were originally intended for her second album, this Friday. Before the whole thing drops, she’s shared one more song. “Norfolk Hotel” is spiraling psych, with Melody’s distinctive high harmonies and a big trippy crash at the end.

Melody’s Echo Chamber – “Norfolk Hotel” out now on Domino / Fat Possum. On 30 Sept 2022, the 10th anniversary edition of ‘Melody’s Echo Chamber’s’ self-titled debut will be released alongside ‘Unfold,’ the lost follow-up album from which seven rare and unreleased tracks will be made available.

A tenth anniversary edition of “Melody’s Echo Chamber“, the eponymously-titled debut album from French musician Melody Prochet. Recorded and co-produced with Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker in Perth, Australia, and finished in the South of France, the album became a cornerstone of the new wave of psychedelia on its release in 2012.

The tenth anniversary edition is released alongside “Unfold”, the lost follow-up album from which seven rare and unreleased tracks will be made available. In their unexpurgated and unvarnished states, sometimes almost finished and sometimes in fragments, “Unfold’s” seven tracks demonstrate a splurge of righteous creation cut off at an inopportune moment and preserved like the ruins of Pompeii.

“Unfold”: featuring seven rare and unreleased tracks, it is the first time of what could have been the follow-up to Melody’s Echo Chamber have been available. The beautiful title track, featuring a euphonious electric guitar and Melody’s trademark falsetto tones, is released today alongside a nostalgic feel-good video by Australian videographer Matt Sav (Confidence Man, POND).

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