GIRLS IN SYNTHESIS – ” Fan The Flames ” EP

Posted: October 14, 2022 in MUSIC

Following up their EP releases “Suburban Hell” and “We Might Not Make Tomorrow”, Girls In Synthesis once again join forces with London-based label Blank Editions to release the “Fan The Flames” EP. Building on the subtleties apparent on their previous releases, it can be said that “Fan The Flames” is the most varied and experimental of the trio of EP’s. Amongst the piercing guitars, pounding drums and harsh, spitting vocals, the EP finds time to include improvised, spoken word poetry and groove-based sparseness on “Howling” and “Internal Politics“, respectively. The title track lyrically looks at the dichotomy of moral and political beliefs while “You’re Doing Fine” deals with self-doubt and anxiety, backed by a rapid and edgy musical backing to match.

Released once again in their now familiar fold-out sleeve, the vinyl edition is typically a labour of love; 125 copies only, all hand-stamped and numbered which come in the aforementioned sleeve featuring lyrics and a reproduction of the forthcoming “Fan The Flames” tour poster. Also included is an exclusive 4 badge set and this limited release will no doubt follow suit and sell out on pre-orders like its predecessors.

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