DRUGDEALER – ” Pictures Of You “

Posted: October 13, 2022 in MUSIC

Drugdealer, the project led by singer-songwriter Michael Collins, has teamed up with Kate Bollinger for the new single ‘Pictures of You’. Bollinger takes on lead vocals on the track, which follow previous offerings ‘Madison’ and ‘Someone to Love’.

“I was on the East Coast visiting my parents when my publisher suggested a possible writing session with Kate,” Collins explained in a statement. “I had been itching to ride a freight train since the beginning of the pandemic so I used the opportunity to do so from Baltimore down to Richmond. When I got there, we became friends really quickly and ended up writing this song at Spacebomb Studios. The whole experience was really spur of the moment and organic.”

Kate Bollinger added: Michael and I wrote this song last summer on a day when he was stopping through Virginia. I picked him up near the train station and we went and hung out in a park by my house. We stayed up late drinking with my roommate and went to my friend’s studio the next day to make some music together. I went upstairs and took a nap and in the meantime, while I was sleeping, he had written the music and melody to “Pictures of You”.

When I woke up we wrote the lyrics and finished the song together. I’ve always approached lyrics in isolation and writing this song showed me a whole other way of making music with someone else. A month after becoming friends with Michael, I visited him in Los Angeles for the first time and decided I wanted to live there, so it feels special having this song come out a month after my move to Los Angeles, a year after we wrote it.

Drugdealer’s new album, “Hiding in Plain Sight”, will be released on October 28th via Mexican Summer.

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