MIRACLE LEGION – ” Live at The Bell House “

Posted: October 8, 2022 in MUSIC

Miracle Legion were a New Haven Connecticut-based band that immediately sprang to life on the heels of a post-R.E.M. guitar rock boom, chiefly because lead singer Mark Mulcahy’s voice bore an uncanny resemblance to Michael Stipe’s, and the arpeggio guitar structures were akin to Peter Buck’s guitar sound, in the UK, where they were feted by music media such as NME and Melody Maker. In their early stages they received frequent comparisons to R.E.M., more for their presence and overall sound than for their lyrical content. Other than a few similar-sounding songs, the respective bands’ sounds were largely dissimilar lyrically and musically, and as time passed, the comparisons became less valid. 

This is one more of a bunch of shows we recorded around this time. After a long time apart
we found that we liked being back together. Bit of a nice surprise there. Anywhow I remember driving forever in old broken down truck, NY and when we got kind of close to the venue Scotty Bells just jumped out walked.
We all really love the Bell House and that’s it. We ripped it and did it. Using the damage to good advantage. I think someone commented on my shoes and I was happy about that. Little things.

released October 7th, 2022

Miracle Legion
D.’Knell’ McCaffrey – bass
Scotty Bells – drum
Marty JIngles – sing
Ding Dong Neal – guitar

Richard Brown – sax & guitar

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