The ORIELLES – ” Tableau “

Posted: October 6, 2022 in MUSIC

In a week absolutely stacked with returns that we’re very excited about, our Record of the Week is “Tableau”, the return of The Orielles… A return that we’re very excited about!

Halifax’s The Orielles’ third studio album (or fourth, depending on how you specifically categorise the excellent La Vita Olistica soundtrack) is self-produced and feels very much like a band that have realised they are limited only by their own imaginations. Flowing freely through genres and styles, it is hugely impressive in its scope. A proper ‘album’ experience of sonics and emotions, really highly recommended.

Ok this could be interesting. In 1977 The Carpenters presented ‘Passage’ their first truly experimental work. It was an almost total disaster and pretty much killed their career.  Cut to 45 years later and similarly winsome Halifax three piece The Orielles break out the experimental double album with ‘Tableau’. We are promised holistic jazz practices, tape loops, experimental electronica and (warning) auto-tuned vocals. Could go either way this one but it’s going to be a fascinating journey nonetheless.  

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