BABEHOVEN – ” Often “

Posted: October 6, 2022 in MUSIC

Babehoven have shared the final single from “Light Moving Time”. “Often” is a stunning and reflective tune on grief. If you’ve seen the band live, you know the sheer power of this song. Watch the video by Kevin Prince and read a statement from songwriter Maya Bon below.

“‘Often’ is a song about grief, about holding love for a person I’ve lost, about trying to let go and find new paths for myself. This song changed my life when I wrote it and has provided clarity for me in times of chaos. I hope that, through sharing it, others will find in it comfort and clarity, too.”

Each single showcases Maya Bon’s multi-faceted song writing and her lush instrumentals along with producer/bandmate Kevin Albert. “Often” is a salve for sour times, something that Bon and Albert created a lot of on last year’s “Nastavi, Calliope” EP.”

“a spacious acoustic ballad veering from the woozy alt-country and upbeat folk-rock previewed on ‘I’m on Your Team’ and ‘Stand It.'” —FLOOD Magazine

“There are often just muted guitar strings and a singular high synth to guide you through the sorrow of this song. The resolution it reaches is half-hearted, the kind of forgiveness where you have to make peace with it because you know it will happen again, with Bon singing, “Now this isn’t so bad / I’m not hurting like I was hurting for some years.” —Paste Magazine

Babehoven’s debut album ‘Light Moving Time’ available everywhere on October 28th, 2022 on Double Double Whammy

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