WEDNESDAY – ” Bull Believer “

Posted: October 3, 2022 in MUSIC

Our newest band signing Wednesday has released “Bull Believer”, an eight minute sprawling epic in two parts. Powered by lead singer Karly Hartzman’s ripping vocals, and supported by rock and roll powerhouses MJ Lenderman, Margo Shultz, Alan Miller, and Xandy Chelmis, “Bull Believer” winces, shudders, reverberates and breaks open, leaving us with goosebumps as Wednesday’s music cuts through the noise. Hailing from Asheville, NC and inspired by nineties shoegaze and country, the distortion heard on “Bull Believer” will rip you open and leave you new.

Dead Oceans have signed the incredible Wednesday (ok wait why did we announce this on a Thursday? and released their eight and a half minute epic “Bull Believer”. By the halfway mark you’ll be dancing, by minute eight you’ll be sobbing, “Bull Believer” is Wednesday’s most reference-heavy song yet, the bull metaphor lifted from an episode of Cocaine & Rhinestones, a podcast about the history of 20th century country music which begins with a detailed history of bullfighting, and positions it as a metaphor for the Country great George Jones’ various addictions.

The song ruminates on addiction and on teenage sadness, and reveals just enough to feel the ache of the singer while leaving enough open to place our own feelings and memories within its lines. “Bull Believer” striking visuals and wailing cry stay with you in the form of goosebumps that last far longer than its glorious 8 minute run time.

“Bull Believer” by Wednesday, out now on Dead Oceans.

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