2ND GRADE – ” Teenage Over Population “

Posted: October 1, 2022 in MUSIC

Philadelphia power-pop group 2nd Grade release their new album “Easy Listening” this Friday and here’s one last nugget before they share the whole thing. “Teenage Overpopulation” is a jangly earworm that namechecks everyone from Justin Bieber to Tommy Stinson. “Easy Listening” is our third release with 2nd Grade, and they just keep getting better. This album covers everything from teenagers, Seinfeld, telecasters, Liv Ullman, you name it.

Power pop is alive in the year 2022 and we hope it sticks around, we’re having fun.

2nd Grade Is The Best Part Of The 2022 Power-Pop Renaissance”

“You’ll come for the soaring choruses, perfect middle-eighths that glide into tight solos, and raging hormones, and then stay for the nods to Bergman and Seinfeld.”
—Brooklyn Vegan

“…the supergroup of some of Philly’s finest indie-rock stylists have crafted an adventure of an album, traversing the highs of rock-stardom, the lows of celebrity loneliness and a pervasive sense of ennui that can only be cut by righteous riffs.”
—Paste Magazine

releases September 30th, 2022

The Band:

Catherine Dwyer— guitar, vocals
Peter Gill— vocals
Francis Lyons— drums
Jon Samuels— guitar
David Settle— bass, vocals

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