WET LEG – ” Convincing “

Posted: September 25, 2022 in MUSIC

After releasing their acclaimed, eponymous debut in April, Isle of Wight rock duo Wet Leg return with two songs for the Spotify Singles series. Instead of covering two songs, Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers rework “Convincing” a cut from their debut, and Ashnikko’s “Daisy” from her 2021 mixtape “Demidevil”. “I remember going to stay with Rhian around the time we recorded “Chaise” with Jon McMullen and she had told me about this artist she’d been listening to loads,” says Chambers of the Ashnikko cover. “She sang and played ‘Daisy’ on the guitar in the morning while we had coffee. It feels like another little circle coming ’round in our Wet Leg world getting to make this cover.

Adds Chambers about the reworking of “Convincing.” “Since live music has opened back up, we play some tracks just as they were recorded, but ‘Convincing’ is one of the songs that has gone through a little shapeshift over time as we’ve been playing gigs for the last year. This version we recorded with James leans into the more mellow and woozy world it exists in our live sets.”

The results are slight detours from the raucous sound they established on Wet Leg. Instead, the songs are patient and glittering, perhaps a signal as to what’s to come from the band on their next project. Fifteen months ago, Wet Leg, comprised of duo Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers, released its debut single “Chaise Lounge” and since then, they’ve rocketed to stardom, garnering 140 million streams and selling more than 250,000 albums.

Before embarking on their 2023 UK and European tour in support of Harry Styles , the band also announced four headlining dates in December in the USA.

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