The MURDER CAPITAL – ” Gigi’s Recovery “

Posted: September 24, 2022 in MUSIC
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The Murder Capital have announced their second album ‘Gigi’s Recovery’ and shared a lush new single ‘A Thousand Lives’. After playing their first headline show in over two years last night (September 22nd) at London’s Lafayette, the Irish five-piece have also announced a UK and European tour for early 2023 to launch their new record.

‘A Thousand Lives’ follows on from The Murder Capital’s comeback track ‘Only Good Things’, with McGovern saying that “people obviously think they know what the record is going to sound like – but they don’t. I’m excited to get more out.” “‘A Thousand Lives’ started as a poem and it’s not hiding itself in any way,” McGovern said of the unabashed love song. “Lines like, ‘A thousand lives with you and I won’t be enough’, can evoke a feeling of sadness but it’s also about the immediacy of now, and putting aside everything to look at who or what is filling your basket.”

Check out lush single ‘A Thousand Lives’ and details of the band’s 2023 UK and European tour.

‘Only Good Things’ (Official Video), directed by Hugh Mulhern is out now. Working closely with our friends on this has been a pleasure. Now we can share it with you. How beautiful.

It’s a different side to The Murder Capital whose debut album ‘When I Have Fears‘ was driven by grief, loss and pain. “We’ve only got one record, so there’s a lot left to write about,” explained McGovern. “I feel like the sky’s the limit, really. When I strip it all away though, my writing is just an endeavour to empathise, whether that’s with myself or with others.”

He went on to say how this different lyrical approach “certainly wasn’t difficult to write”. “To me, being vulnerable is at the forefront of what I do, to allow other people to actually relate to or project upon whatever it is I’m expressing,” he said. “Love is a face at the party that you can’t really ignore.”

‘Gigi’s Recovery’, a “loose concept record” written over the past two years and due out in January.

“The whole record was a slow-burn,” said McGovern. Writing started in May 2020 when COVID lockdown restrictions were first eased. “At the time, we were heavily focused on this search for tones and textures,” he explained of the band experimenting with new instrumentals and pedals. “We needed to find our sound, or at least a sound that had more room for growth than some of our first record was headed and the zeitgeist that was surrounding it at the time.”

When The Murder Capital released ‘When I Have Fears’ in 2019, they were part of an exciting rising post-punk scene that included the likes of Fontaines D.C. and IDLES. However away from their peers, McGovern explained how the band’s “identity early on was formed around the idea of pushing against everything and seeing what friction that created”.

“We knew we didn’t want to do that again,” he admitted. “It wasn’t about losing what we’d built with ‘When I Have Fear’, it was about the necessity to evolve. Our motto was, ‘The evolution will not be compromised’. McGovern continued: “The new album is asking the questions about the life that you want to take part in, but it’s also posing the reality that you are responsible for that life that you’re in. It’s less wishful and naïve. This album definitely asked me those questions. This record is more grounded in itself. ‘Gigi’s Recovery’ is a story of deep introspection, pulled out of necessity and it culminates in a point of surrender.”

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