DU BLONDE – ” Demo’s “

Posted: September 23, 2022 in MUSIC

“demo’s” is a new and ongoing project by Du Blonde where, alongside her regular albums, she will drop tracks unintended for professional release. These will include demos, unreleased tracks, instrumentals, experiments and more.

The idea for “demo’s” came about after a period of illness in which Du Blonde found herself becoming too much of a perfectionist to complete projects. In order to get back to the place of fun and spontaneity she had experienced at the beginning of her career, she decided releasing unfinished tracks, recorded, mixed and mastered in a matter of days, would bring her relationship with creating music back to a more grounded and light hearted place.

I’ve just released a new edition to demo’s. This is a track I wrote last night called ‘On The Upswing’. More of a true demo than “Live Wire” was, just a simple iPhone recording. Nowadays I tend to demo straight into Logic, hence the multiple instrumental arrangements on Live Wire (that software makes layering easy), but the new house I’ve moved into isn’t set up for recording yet so my acoustic travel guitar and my phone were all I had. I’m planning to do some more like this as it’s much more akin to the way I used to track new songs.

All tracks are written, recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered by Du Blonde, with occasional help from Fred St-Gelais.

released May 20th, 2022

Written, recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered by Du Blonde

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