The SPIELBERGS – ” The Studio Paradiso Session “

Posted: September 22, 2022 in MUSIC

About a month ago, Oslo-based fuzz-punk troupe Spielbergs dropped their aggressively upbeat sophomore album “Vestli“, a record that opens with an energetic sendup to Japandroids’ yearning noise-pop and mostly maintains that energy throughout its remaining eleven tracks. The Album Is About Being Trapped In Everyday Life’ – Spielbergs Get Reflective About Their Hometown On Second Album ‘Vestli’ ‘Everyone has the place that they grew up. We have the good and we have the bad and that’s what has shaped us into the people that we are today. That’s what the name “Vestli” is all about.’

It might not be a particularly original idea, but it’s one that’s almost universally accepted all over the world and when it’s combined with the fuzzed out punk rock power pop anthems of Spielbergs, it explains why the anticipation was palpable for their recently released sophomore album. “Vestli” is a suburb of Oslo, where two members of the band – guitarist/vocalist Mads and bassist Statil – grew up and shared their formative years.

‘There’s nothing to see there, just a pub and a mall’, Mads tells me. ‘A commuter town with lots of big buildings and not much going on. A great place to grow up when you were kids because there’s a lot of peace and quiet where you can run around and play, but not so great when you’re a teenager. Just a lot of drugs and smoking weed. That was it really.’

Sounds like pretty much every small town that every one of us grew up in right? But that’s what creates the magic behind the music when you listen to bands like Spielbergs. You get the idea that you could see ‘Vestli’ occupying the same place in the listener’s mind as the lore of other such bands, like the way that The Menzingers or The Wonder Years write so many songs about Philadelphia and The Gaslight Anthem pen their tales about New Jersey and New York.

Spielberg’s first album ‘This Is Not The End’ may have been well received, but when ‘Go!’ dropped during the pandemic the hype was immediately doubled.

Needless to say, it’s the stuff of unforgettable live shows—a sound that’s best consumed by having it blasted at you from an irresponsible proximity from the house speakers.

The band currently are touring Europe and the UK, the rest of us have at least gotten to see them rip through a few songs in the studio, with live videos from a late-March 2022 session at Oslo’s Studio Paradiso surfacing this month.

Previous tracks “When They Come for Me” and “Get Lost,” and now they’re sharing a third and final dispatch from the studio session with a performance of the album opener “The New Year’s Resolution,” a rousing, noisy take on anthemic pop-punk through to its final moments wallowing in a wash of feedback.

Spielbergs are Mads Baklien: Vocals and Guitar Stien Nettum Brennskag: Bass and Backing Vocals Christian Løvhaug: Drums and Backing Vocals Additional Instrumentation from , Ole Torstein Honig: Synths Kristopher: Guitar and Backing Vocals

The latest new Spielbergs album ‘Vestli’ released via Big Scary Monsters (worldwide) and Fysisk Format (Scandinavia).

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