IRON and WINE – ” Lori ” EP

Posted: September 19, 2022 in MUSIC

Recorded at the famed Sam Phillips Studios (Memphis, TN) with producer Matt Ross-Spang and help from Sima Cunningham and Macie Stewart, known collectively for their work in the indie-art-pop band Finom (formerly known as Ohmme), Iron & Wine preset “LORI” – their take on four of their favourite Lori McKenna tracks.

Sam Beam came to McKenna’s music a few years ago on the suggestion of a friend; as the lock down dragged on, Beam found himself like so many turning to music for comfort. McKenna’s catalogue of work was never far from reach. Taken by her heart-on-your-sleeve confessional style storytelling, Beam admits it’s a trait that draws him to McKenna and something not often found in his own song writing. As a well-known interpreter of other artists’ songs, when the time came for him to shake off the pandemic cobwebs and record, McKenna’s songs were as fresh and familiar to Beam as his own.

The special sauce on “LORI” however comes in the formidable talents of Sima Cunningham and Macie Stewart. Having enjoyed successful solo careers outside of Finom, the two bring their own touches to “LORI” and helped Sam Beam find even further depths to McKenna’s songwriting. Together the three sonically re-interpreted her plaintive odes into a tapestry of sounds while effortlessly blending their signature singing styles breathing fresh life into the lyrics.

The track “That’s How You Know” was released August 24th with a lyric video directed, concepted and animated by Nebila Oguz. The full EP will be available NOW

“LORI” Tracklisting:

1. Like Patsy Would
2. Halfway Home
3. That’s How You Know
4. Shake

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