ROZI PLAIN – ” Agreeing For Two ” Feat Alabaster DePlume & Kate Stables

Posted: September 13, 2022 in MUSIC

UK musician and This is the Kit member and bassist Rozi Plain has announced a new album, “Prize”, will be released January 13th via Memphis Industries. The first single from the album, “Agreeing For Two,” features vocals from This is the Kit leader and bandmate Kate Stables (who also appears in the video), and saxophone from Alabaster DePlume. “This song was started when I spent a week on the Isle of Eigg writing new music,” Rozi says. “Mainly it’s thinking about how easy it can be to unknowingly make decisions on behalf of other people, thinking you might know what’s best or right for a situation where as maybe it’s just what was easiest for you.. I love the saxophone line that Alabaster DePlume added – brings a bit of his trademark heart and hopefulness.”

Video by Jack Barraclough Rozi says: It was so great to work with jack again for this video . I love his witty eye and resourceful attitude. I’d thought about a spinning platform and Jack had a friend who’d made one! We drove around some scorched heathland in Dartford and found a place to set up . Kate was the perfect up for it co-pilot and someone I can stare at in the face for a long time – it was a really lovely day !

we are also teaming up with @dinkededition and releasing a limited edition version with an alternative cover sleeve, a translucent streetlamp orange vinyl and a !!PROOFREAD!!PROOFREAD!! Rozi designed 2023 wall calendar.

From the album “Prize”, Out 13th January

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