The PARANOYDS – ” Talk Talk Talk “

Posted: September 11, 2022 in MUSIC

The Paranoyds are Southern California DIY rock royalty. Fuelled by the fiery energy of their live shows paired with raw lyricism and subtle societal commentary, The Paranoyds are unafraid and unapologetically in perpetual pursuit of a good time. The four-piece is made up of Laila Hashemi (keyboardist-vocals), Lexi Funston (guitars/vocals), Staz Lindes (bass/vocals) and David Ruiz (drums, vocals) who together masterfully blend light-hearted playfulness with sharp sincerity over fuzzy guitar, dreamy vocals and punchy, punky rock-n-roll.

“Talk, Talk, Talk”, the new album from The Paranoyds gives the band space to expand, evolve and above all, have fun. Over 11 tracks, the band experiments with sounds that span an eclectic array of genres–from jazz, to lo-fi punk-rock, to groovy R&B–that melt together showcasing the innovative range of The Paranoyds.

The Los Angeles-based DIY rock band The Paranoyds share their highly anticipated sophomore LP “Talk Talk Talk” out everywhere now via Third Man Records. Alongside the release of the album, the band shares new single & live video shot on VHS, “Freak Out” ahead of their lengthy fall tour across North America and the UK. 

The track “Freak Out” embodies an otherworldly, massive crush that is impossible to ignore, complete with call-and-response style vocals that reinforce it. The track ultimately inspired the title of the forthcoming album as it includes the words, “talk, talk, talk” several times throughout. Guitarist and vocalist Lexi Funston adds that the song is about, “having a big ol’, out-of-control, teenage crush. There are flashes where you realize that you might be coming on a bit too strong, but they are brief, and you continue to lose yourself to the obsession. You can’t help it!”

Its accompanying DIY video was shot over the course of December 2021 through May 2022 by Funston and friends. It peels back the curtain and documents the band in their most natural state, from the studio, to the stage and in the moment.

The Paranoyds second album, “Talk Talk Talk”, is a sentimental, sci-fi-infused testament to their almost lifelong unbreakable bond that gives the band space to expand, evolve and above all, have fun.

Over 11 tracks, the band experiments with sounds like vintage synthesizers, sampling, and multi-layered drum tracks that melt together showcasing the innovative range of the rising rockers and best friends.

“Talk Talk Talk”, out September 9th:

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