Posted: September 10, 2022 in MUSIC

We are very pleased to announce the debut album, “Choosing” from our newest signee,

Released this summer via her new home at Bella Union, Sophie Jamieson’s ‘Choosing’ is a strikingly personal document of a journey from a painful rock bottom of self-destruction to a safer place imbued with the faint light of hope. Focusing on the bare bones of each song and taking inspiration from the direct and melodic work of songwriters such as Elena Tonra, Sharon Van Etten, and Scott Hutchison, it’s an album that sings openly of longing and searching, of trying, failing, and trying again – and always and throughout, the strength of love in so many varying forms.

Following on from the pair of EPs she released in 2020, “Choosing” finds its own shape by a subtle reforming of Jamieson’s sound. Where those EPs flirted with playful experimentation, here the overriding sound is both organic and simpler – live drums, bass, cello, and piano are used across the album – allowing space for Sophie’s mesmerising voice to take the spotlight, the songs delivered with the most direct and intimate impact.

Get a taste of what’s to come with the mesmerising first single “Sink”

Sophie describes the songs on those two EPs as “black holes” and while “Choosing” covers similar ground it never takes its eye away from what lies beyond, never fully releases its grip even when everything is telling her to let go. “The title of this album is so important,” Sophie explains. “Without it, this might sound like another record about self-destruction and pain, but at heart, it’s about hope, and finding strength. It’s about finding the light at the end of the tunnel, and crawling towards it.”

“Choosing” is out a week today.

It’s felt increasingly strange to be faced with an album that I recorded almost 2 years ago and wrote 2-4 years ago. It’s not a comfortable feeling, seeing some of these songs being heard, even if they connect. The sensation of nakedness, exposure, and the necessity to disconnect from the subject matter and anyone’s response or opinion of it has become very real.

This is such an odd thing to be doing, really. Making music that may not honestly represent you later. It takes a lot of trust in your past self, in her honesty, in her need for release, in the pain she said she was in. There is a strong instinct to deny, to make light of, to laugh at, to shrug off.

This is an odd practise in believing somebody I once was, accepting her as part of my fabric, and allowing her voice to come through. Even if it doesn’t feel like mine anymore… I guess some of it still is.

released 2nd December 2022 via Bella Union Records:

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