Posted: September 3, 2022 in MUSIC
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This Portland musician’s fizzy, DIY pop style has cult status written all over it, Portland artist Mo Troper is a songwriter and DIY home taper in the tradition of R. Stevie  Moore, Gary Wilson, Half Japanese and The Frogs, not to mention the whole Elephant 6 scene (Olivia Tremor Control in particular). He cranks out records at an alarming rate, full of very short songs that are crammed with catchy choruses that feel tossed-off, perhaps unfinished, but are often more sophisticated than they first seem.

If you’re new to the weird and often wonderful world of Mo Troper, “MTV” is as good a place to start as any, presenting 15 eccentric pop nuggets in 30 minutes, with only one song crossing the three-minute mark. A student of the classics (he covered The Beatles’ Revolver in full last year), Mo is an all-consumer who is not afraid to steal and presents well-travelled melodic styles in his own unique, often clever way. Some songs pass clever and proceed straight to novelty (“The Only Living Goy in New York” is a title Weird Al probably thought of and rejected) but it’s hard to deny the popcraft and hooks on songs like “Waste Away,” “Play Dumb” and “No More Happy Songs.”

released September 2nd, 2022

Produced by Mo Troper.

All songs written by Mo Troper (ASCAP Funny Uncle Virgil_, with the exception of “Waste Away” – written by Mo Troper and Nick Pounders. All Songs performed by Mo Troper with the exception “Play Dumb” – featuring Asher McKenzie on drums, Ben Burwell on bass, and Jackson Machado on guitar.

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