Posted: August 29, 2022 in MUSIC

Despite spending most of the last decade living, working, and nurturing their craft in the city of Philadelphia, Shannen Moser’s sound remains rooted in their upbringing in rural Pennsylvania. Tributes to the pastoral hillsides of Berks County echo through their music, evoking images of learning to sing along to Townes Van Zandt in the passenger seat of their dad’s pickup or along with the Sacred Harp choirs in Quaker meeting halls. In 2014 Moser packed up their roots, along with influences from freak-folk artists like Joanna Newsom and early Animal Collective and moved to Philadelphia to focus on recording and performing. Those privy to these performances and recordings quickly became captivated by a sound that was both haunting and infectious, showing promises of song writing genius and a powerful voice.  

Over the last half decade they have continued to develop and refine that voice. Now, on the verge of releasing their third full-length record, Shannen Moser is hitting their stride as a musician and a writer. They’ve shared the stage and toured with acts such as John K Samson, Kevin Devine, and Manchester Orchestra, and moved audiences all over North America with their profound ability to conjure emotion.

The latest single from Shannen Moser’s new album “The Sun Still Seems to Move” is the tender, folky “Ben,” which Shannen says is their “favourite on the record and I really love playing it for people live.”

Shannen Moser from the album ‘The Sun Still Seems To Move’, out September 30th on Lame-O Records.

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