BLEACH LAB – ” Obviously “

Posted: August 28, 2022 in MUSIC

Taking inspiration from the likes of Mazzy Star and The Smiths, Bleach Lab have fused their own introspective yet emotionally frenetic soundscape, Set for release on 4th November via Nettwerk, Bleach Lab have announced their third EP ‘If You Only Feel It Once’, sharing new single ‘Obviously’ alongside the news.

“This track addresses the person your partner has left you for, you’re bitter, hurt and rightly or wrongly directing your aggression towards them instead,” Jenna Kyle says of ‘Obviously’. “However in the chorus, it is a bit of a conversation with yourself, self-reflection and realisation that it doesn’t really matter what you say or do, your former partner still loves them either way.”

“There’s a lot of themes of feeling at home and finding your feet as an adult, which relates to the way that I feel at home with my family and the journey that I’ve been on since I’ve left home.” Jenna adds of the EP. “Also of finding your way in life, navigating relationships and friendships and as you grow, realising which ones weren’t for you and which ones you are better off without.”

With our new single ‘Obviously’ out today, the time has come to share with you the fruit of our labours.. Our new EP ‘If You Only Feel It Once’ will be out on 4th November.

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