LANDE HEKT – ” House Without A View “

Posted: August 26, 2022 in MUSIC

When Exeter punk rockers Muncie Girls released their debut album arrived back in 2016, to rave reviews, and received invitations to play at some of Europe’s biggest festivals. Asides from a “B-sides” EP in 2020, the band hasn’t been seen on record since 2018’s follow-up “Fixed Ideals“, but frontwoman Lande Hekt has kept herself busy in the meantime with a series of solo releases, most notably her forthcoming second album, “House Without A View” is her second solo LP.

Heading to Canada soon on tour is extremely exciting as it’s my first time, and I’m a big fan of Laura Jane Grace, who I’ll be supporting. The UK shows will be exciting because it’ll be my first headline tour as a solo artist and I’m bringing a full band with me. I didn’t get to tour very much after “Going to Hell” was released, so this time I’m planning on making the most of it.”

That first record was supposed to go straight onto Bandcamp before Get Better Records offered to put it out. I was so shocked when I saw how many people bought or listened to it. This time I spent a bit longer writing and I demoed all the songs from “House Without A View” in a studio before recording it.

The Wedding Present are a big influence in terms of guitars. I covered their song “Octopussy” on a 7” B-side recently. I love the sound of that album Seamonsters, produced by Steve Albini. Bands like The Sundays and The Popguns have been an inspiration melodically, I guess their guitar sounds are somewhat influenced by Johnny Marr so, although I’m not much of a Smiths fan, that guitar sound has come to me indirectly. In terms of chords, I am a big Replacements fan. I wish I could nail chord progressions like Paul Westerberg does.

The album ‘House Without a View’ is out on 23rd September via Get Better Records and Prize Sunflower Records.

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