CHRIS FORSYTH – ” Evolution Here We Come “

Posted: August 25, 2022 in MUSIC

 “You’re Going To Need Somebody,” the third single from “Evolution Here We Come” is out, streaming everywhere. This is one of my favourite Richard Thompson-penned songs, as much for the lyrics as the musical content. Nick Millevoi plays some great lap steel on this and Steve Wynn (The Dream Syndicate) and Linda Pitmon (Baseball Project) contribute backing vocals on this take.

Evolution Here We Come” is out in it’s entirety via No Quarter. Vinyl has been in for weeks (kudos to NQ for managing the vinyl slowdowns so gracefully!) and there are dwindling numbers of the “black tie-dye” coloured vinyl, which are limited to 500 copies in the US only. Order now to lock down if that’s up your particular breezeway. The vinyl edition of the album also includes a vinyl-only side-long bonus track that will not be available in any other format or streaming.

In late October/early November, I’ll be embarking on an eight-date co-headline tour with Meg Baird in the Northeast and Midwest. We’ll be sharing a band of killers including Douglas McCombs (Tortoise, etc) on bass, Ryan Jewell (Ryley Walker, etc) on drums, and Charlie Saufley (Heron Oblivion) on guitar. Each night Meg will do a set with them, then I will play a set with them, then some kinda collaboration. I’m a huge fan of Meg as an artist and she happens to be one of my oldest friends, so I’m really looking forward to this run.

While Chris often nets comparisons to Television, his works seem more indebted to the protean guitar work of Robert Quine. Like Quine he’s able to slip easily between barbed, brutal moments and the quicksilver ripples of pop. Both impulses shine through on the new record. Where the opener spars with Bill Nace’s tatters of tashigoto and Marshall Allen’s Electronic Valve, by the time he’s slid into the first few notes of “Heaven For A Few,” the amber glow of afternoon sun has washed away the brittle battle that preciously ensued. The angst of “Bad Moon Risen” boils down with the smoke curl resolve of “Hey Evolution,” but both erode in the relief of Stuart Bogie’s flutes on “Long Beach Idyll.”

Certainly it’s easy to argue that any of the last three of Forsyth’s records are high water marks. His live staple, “Dreaming in the Non-Dream,” set the tone for the half-decade to come, balancing his punk hackles with live improv desires. Just as on the last two he ends the album with another side-long stretch that will surely find further legs in the live setting. “Robot Energy Machine” embraces Chris’ motorik pulse, while craning for something a bit more cosmic. The song reflects the tone of the title’s “evolution,” but clouds the benefits of whether that progression is welcome or not. Like much of the album, the closer is conflicted about the future — shining bright with a roiling tension, but looking tentatively at the darkness on the horizon.

releases August 29, 2022

Chris Forsyth – guitar, vocal
Tom Malach – guitar
Douglas McCombs – bass guitar
Ryan Jewell – drums, percussion, vibes


Dave Harrington – congas, pedal steel guitar, Wurlitzer electric piano, Farfisa organ, PrimeTime guitar, bamboo flute, tambourine, Marshall Allen – Electronic Valve Instrument on (1), Bill Nace – Metal Machine tashigoto on (1), Linda Pitmon – backing vocal on (4), Steve Wynn – backing vocal on (4), Nick Millevoi – lap steel on (4), Stuart Bogie – flutes on (6)

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