Posted: August 24, 2022 in MUSIC

Los Angeles-based DIY rock band The Paranoyds share new single and accompanying video, “BWP” out everywhere now. Alongside the single, the band announces a UK tour with tickets on sale now here, in addition to their North American dates, ahead of their highly anticipated sophomore LP, “Talk Talk Talk” due out September 9th via Third Man Records.

Before the official fall tour kicks off, The Paranoyds will support Jack White for three dates this September including Asheville, NC, New Orleans, LA and Shreveport, LA. before concluding in their home city of Los Angeles in November. Then, the band heads to the UK for a string of dates through the end of November beginning in London and concluding in December in Ramsgate. After some audio feedback and a steady guitar loop begins, “BWP” opens the album with an attempt to escape the monotony of daily life. Over warbled vocals, expressing disappointment with how the once-alluring future turned out, guitarist and vocalist Lexi Funston sings, “Up on my bed / I’m looking to mend / I contend I’ve got a case / A fight in my head / I’ve got a ten I’m willing to spend / A day is long when not much is coming in / Cross off 60 more, this future was a bore” Funston explains the fuzzy jam is inspired by feeling stuck in an endless routine for so long, daydreams no longer feel special or significant–they’ve just become the norm. “Every now and then there are those days and sometimes even weeks where it just feels like you’re in a rut–for me they’re usually induced by some sort of gnarly LA heatwave or fire (if i’m really unlucky, it’s both!). All you can really do to escape the heat is daydream, but daydreaming day-to-day…it’s just not the same.” Speaking to what the title’s three letters stand for, Funston adds, “I wrote the demo for the song at a time where it felt like all of a sudden Spotify was overcompensating for years of only boosting male rock bands, in this super disingenuous way (2019). There was this playlist called “Badass Women’s Playlist,” which I thought was such a cringe title for a playlist (looking at the playlist now, they dropped the “Women’s”). “But, on the other hand,” Funston admits, “I wanted our music to be on this playlist…I figured if I wrote a song with that intention in mind and named it after the playlist, we might finally get some subliminal love from Spotify…I guess that makes it a self-referential song about selling out.” Directed by Max Flick, the track’s accompanying video allows each band member and their instrument shine as each shot corresponds seamlessly with each note played. Against a black backdrop, hues of red, yellow and blue along with a single spotlight bring the floating heads of each band member in and out of view. Similar to previously shared visuals, the band brings their retro spirit with them into the future, creating something brand new altogether. Flick, who has previously collaborated with the band, was thrilled to be able to direct the latest video. “Since the first time I saw The Paranoyds play at the original Non Plus Ultra I was an instant fan and knew I wanted to make a video together. We have worked on many projects over the years, but this is my first time directing for them.” After listening to the track, Flick had a clear vision for the visual. “Listening to “BWP” immediately provided me with these vivid images that we were able to make come to life and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.”

The Paranoyds’ latest single and video, “BWP” out everywhere now, brightens life’s dullest moments as the band plots an escape from their daily routine. “Talk Talk Talk”, the expansive sophomore album from the four-piece is due out September 9th via Third Man Records and is available for pre-order now. Connect with The Paranoyds on Instagram, YouTube and Face book to keep up with the rising rockers.

from “Talk Talk Talk“, releases September 9th, 2022

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