TONY MOLINA – ” In The Fade “

Posted: August 16, 2022 in MUSIC

Molina has dedicated his solo career to various guitar-pop sounds “In the Fade” is where you’ll find them all, The California-born songwriter started out in DIY hardcore bands, and took to releasing bite-sized power-pop tunes as a solo artist over a decade ago. 

Amid acclaim for his restrained 2018 album “Kill The Lights”, one particular notion stuck in Tony Molina’s craw. “I kept hearing: ‘Oh, he’s maturing, he’s getting into other shit, writing more mature stuff,” he recalls in press materials. “I thought, ‘Man, that’s kinda lame, no I’m not … ’” As if to prove that his older sounds weren’t “immature,” and that he owns every style he’s explored across his singular career, the micro-pop iconoclast made “In The Fade”.

His longest record yet at 18 minutes, it encompasses the power-pop fuzz of “Dissed and Dismissed” and the swaggering guitar-monies of Ovens, It was with Ovens that Molina found his voice as a songwriter as well as the ‘60s acoustic-folk flourishes of “Confront the Truth” and “Kill the Lights”, all tied together with the unerring ear for melody and wry humour that define Molina’s solo output. Simply put, it’s an album that only Tony Molina could make, made on no one’s terms but his. 

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