HEAPS – ” Little Blue ” EP

Posted: August 16, 2022 in MUSIC

Growing up together in Kawartha Lakes, Heaps (Tanner Paré, Fred Kwon and Warren Frank, formerly of the Kents) carry themselves with a casual confidence in knowing who they’ve become in each other’s company. They look back over their shoulders at the question they first begged on their 2020 debut “What Is Heaps?” with a breezy clarity on their new EP, where gleaming dream-pop guitar on “Didn’t Matter Anyway” gives way to the understated soul mantra of “Laid Back” before the latter mutates into a glitchy post-rocker ahead of its second minute.

“Little Blue” is out now!, We wrote this over the past couple years through zoom calls, rehearsal rooms and little cottage retreats. Anything we could do to get around lockdowns and burnout. Anything to spend time together, really.

We loved the process of creating this EP. Feels like you can hear that in the tunes.

Official lyric video for Heaps’ new single ‘Didn’t Matter Anyway’. Heaps’ new EP, “Little Blue”, will be out everywhere Friday, July 22nd.

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