WET SATIN – ” Wet Satin “

Posted: August 12, 2022 in MUSIC

Californian ‘Kosmische Tropicale’ duo Wet Satin are releasing their self-titled debut album today 🌴 A new project from former Lumerians members Jason Miller and Marc Melzer, the Wet Satin LP is now available to stream. Wet Satin describe the record as “an expression of reverence and enthusiasm growing from a long-time shared obsession with lost Cosmic Disco, Cumbia, Afrofunk and Library Music records.” Miller adds: “Music has the ability to alter your environment and take you somewhere else.

We genuinely had a lot of fun writing and recording this. The process fell somewhere in between over-indulgence and necessary catharsis, but it achieved a kind of balance in the end. It’s a travel brochure for a very specifically peculiar psychological terrain. We think you’ll have fun there. Try the hot springs.”

“WitchKraft Singles” is the first track we released back in April, but we didn’t have a Facebook page then. Forgot anybody lived here. Sorry about that. Here’s a pretty video. You can listen to the whole song on that app or site you like to listen to songs on and if it tickles your fancy

The single “Golden Prawn” is a surreal science fiction odyssey, powered by oxygen deprivation, that takes place at the bottom of a swimming pool.

A fortnight plus an Icelandic work week ago, we released the second track off our upcoming S/T full length out August 12th on pepto-bismol pink vinyl and sherbet splatter vinyl (Fuzz Club and Levitation respectively). Coloured Tongues. Everybody has one, except Rona De Ricci in the 1991 version of The Pit and the Pendulum with Jeffery Combs that I probably shouldn’t have watched on TV as a kid.

The album arrives on 180g baby pink vinyl and is included in the August Fuzz Club Membership package. LEVITATION also have an exclusive splatter version available in the US!

Lumerians Members Jason Miller and Marc Melzer, Wet Satin was the name of a reality-altering psychotropic sunscreen from a Philip K Dick novel read in a dream.

Debut album out August 12th

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