FIRST AID KIT – ” Out Of My Head “

Posted: August 12, 2022 in MUSIC

After announcing their fifth album “Palomino” earlier this week, First Aid Kit have shared a new single from the record titled “Out of My Head”.

“Out of My Head” is the opening song on First Aid Kit’s “Palomino” album, and will appear on the record with their earlier June outing “Angel”.

First Aid Kit say of the new single, which is teamed with a Jason Lester-directed video, “We wrote this song last year together with songwriter and producer Björn Yttling. It was the first time we wrote for First Aid Kit song with someone else and it was very inspiring. The song was written in the spur of the moment, almost like a stream of consciousness. It’s about feeling stuck inside your own thoughts and desperately wanting to escape. We produced the song with Daniel Bengtson in Stockholm. It has a bit of a different sound from our previous songs. We wanted the production to feel like an old rock song from the 80s. We were inspired by Fleetwood Mac, Kate Bush and Tom Petty.

This is one of our favourite songs we’ve ever written, we’re so proud of it and are so excited to finally get to share it.” “Palomino” will follow First Aid Kit’s 2018 album “Ruins“, and was written and recorded in Sweden with producer Daniel Bengtson.

“This is the first record we’ve recorded in Sweden since we made our debut album “The Big Black & The Blue” 12 years ago,” First Aid Kit explain. “We worked with Swedish producer Daniel Bengtson at his lovely studio Studio Rymden in Stockholm. It was such a fun experience. We really let the recording take time, we didn’t want to rush it.”

They add, “The songs were mostly written during the pandemic. In such dark times, music felt like an escape from all the horrible things going on in the world. We wanted this album to feel more upbeat and cheerful than our previous album Ruins, which was a break-up record. It’s probably our most pop sounding record yet. The title is a reference to freedom, learning how to stand on your own two feet. Growing older and feeling more comfortable in your own skin. Riding off on a “Palomino!”

“Out of My Head” is out now. First Aid Kit’s Palomino album will be released on 4th November via Columbia Records, 

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