The BIG PINK – ” The Love That’s Ours “

Posted: August 10, 2022 in MUSIC

The Big Pink have ended a six-year silence by unveiling a pair of new singles that picked up exactly where the group left off with “Empire Underground” EP, a continuation of the unique blend of heavy shoegaze, gothic pop, and Animal Collective–esque neo-psych (especially well-represented in Robbie Furze’s vocals recalling those of Panda Bear) established on their breakthrough 2009 album “A Brief History of Love”. they’re announcing that “No Angels” and “Love Spins” will appear on their third LP—and first in 10 years—titled “The Love That’s Ours“, which is out September 30 via Project Melody Music

“Getting to this point has been one of the craziest journeys in my life,” Furze explained in a press statement. “I truly thought this day would never come. I got so lost, so confused, went down so many rabbit holes, at times running completely blind, so much so that I nearly lost everything that was ever important to me, everything I ever truly loved. This record symbolizes so much, it’s my flag on top of the summit. It shows that I finally understand what is truly important.”

Along with the news comes another new single called “Rage,” which despite its name is a softer sample of what’s to come than the rousing “Love Spins.” Co-written with Ryn Weaver after meeting the songwriter at a party and immediately forging a creative bond, the single is a level-headed look at the mutual rage both artists feel when facing the confusion of the modern world.

“She effortlessly comes up with these beautiful melodies, they just spill out of her, and her lyric writing is out of this world,” Furze shared of Weaver. “I would just sit there trying to keep up with this whirlwind of creativity. We would work long, long sessions, sometimes 12 to 18 hours, and she wouldn’t let us stop until the track was done. ‘Rage’ came from one of those sessions.”

The Love That’s Ours” arrives September 30th via Project Melody Music.

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