Posted: August 7, 2022 in MUSIC

Silversun Pickups have shared the second single off their upcoming album “Physical Thrills”, and this one’s an ethereal, climactic song fuelled by a powerful vocal performance by bassist Nikki Moninger who says she was channelling her inner Kate Bush for this one.

In a few weeks, Silversun Pickups will unveil their sixth studio album titled “Physical Thrills“, which was produced by Butch Vig and will be released on August 19th through the band’s own label New Machine Recordings. With the buzzing and vaguely funky lead single “Scared Together” featuring vocals from bassist Nikki Monninger on the chorus, the title of the second single “Alone on a Hill” reflects Monninger’s solo vocals on the track. 

“This song exposes a side I didn’t know I had in me,” she shares of the more stripped-back tune. “It felt freeing, especially with everything going on in the past couple of years. I’m grateful everyone gave me so much support during the recording process as I am a bit timid when it comes to hearing the sound of my own voice. [Lead vocalist Brian Aubert] just kept telling me to channel my inner Kate Bush.”

A friend that was finally introduced to Butch Vig, once we got vaccinated, and blew through his studio like a tornado made of cotton candy, leaving little pieces of residue everywhere. But most importantly, this friend really doesn’t give a fuck. I know. That sounds brash. I just mean it’s a thing that is truly free. And now, this little living headspace no longer visits me. I visit it through this album. I hope you like it. My friend wouldn’t care. Little rascal.

New album “Physical Thrills” out August 19th! 2022, New Machine Recordings

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