PANDA BEAR & SONIC BOOM – ” Edge Of Edge “

Posted: August 7, 2022 in MUSIC

American multi-instrumentalist Noah Benjamin Lennox better know as Panda Bear and equally musical centipede Peter Kember aka Sonic Boom (co-founder of Spacemen 3) have worked together again.

Panda Bear (Noah Lennox) and Sonic Boom (Peter Kember) have teamed up to release their first joint album, “Reset”. The duo met via MySpace nearly a decade ago when Panda Bear gave a shout out to Sonic Boom’s former band, Spacemen 3, in the liner notes of his solo album “Person Pitch”. Kember messaged Lennox to express his gratitude, and they became fast friends. Since then, Sonic Boom has co-mixed a few Panda Bear albums, but after Kember moved to Portugal to be closer to Lennox, the pair decided to take their collaboration to the next level on “Reset“.

Their looping psych-pop demos began to take shape as lockdowns forced people into isolation, and the project provided them with an escape from the bleak reality in which the rest of the world was immersed. The result is an album rife with escapism, glittering synthesizers, and a Beach Boys influence obvious in the bells of “Go On” and the doo-wop vocals of “Edge of the Edge.” A record that provided a much-needed diversion from the dull day-to-day of life during a pandemic, it’s a nine-song cure for COVID seclusion. 

And here’s the second bright-coloured taster, named “Edge Of The Edge“.

The result is a new album,
titled “Reset“. It’s inspired by Kember’s collection of records from the ’50s and ’60s
and comes out on 12th August.

Panda Bear & Sonic Boom – “Edge Of The Edge” from the album ‘Reset’ out 12th August 2022 on Domino Recording Co.

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