VARIOUS ARTISTS – ” Reverberation Appreciation : Label Compilation “

Posted: August 5, 2022 in MUSIC

2021 year marked 11 years of The Reverberation Appreciation Society record label, and we’ve updated this 60 track compilation, which spans over a decade of releases. Download it for free or pay what you want. Thank you for listening, thanks to all the great artists we’re lucky enough to work with. We’re looking forward to many more great records.

This label & Levitation fest are really what still make Austin the music capitol of the world. Austin City Limits definitely isn’t doing it haha These 60 tracks are like VIP tickets for those that have no idea what’s going on.  

They are among all my “favourite tracks”. Of all the Psych music, I’d have to say The Reverberation Appreciation Society captures best the current sound I’m into the most. Every band is full of high level musicianship. This compilation is quite a gem to own (name your price!). Looking forward to more Levitation sessions, releases from these bands, and new bands signing onto the label that fit the feel and vibe of groovy psych scene. 

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