The UMBRELLAS – ” Write It In the Sky “

Posted: August 4, 2022 in MUSIC

The Umbrellas – Write It In the Sky, This young band The Umbrellas have really outdone themselves this time. After one single and an album, their new single “Write It In the Sky” reaches heights beyond anything they’ve done previously. It sounds like Sunny Sundae Smile era MBV, a dash of the noisier side of Sarah Records and some long lost paisley underground group. The guitars are buzzing, the vocals are breathless and the backing vocals are from the heavens. Singles like this will restore your faith in humanity. It did mine.

Bursting out of the San Francsico Bay Area’s fertile indie scene, The Umbrellas come correct with a sound that fits snugly into a long line of classic pop, from Orange Juice and The Pastels to Comet Gain, Veronica Falls and Belle & Sebastian.

Following up their *super* well-received 2021 debut album The Umbrellas are back with “Write It In The Sky,” an instant-classic that simply demanded to be pressed onto a 7″ single. Clocking in at just under 3 minutes, “Write It In The Sky” is a thrilling pop rush full of fuzz, melody and excitement that will sit easily next to singles by the likes of Talulah Gosh, Shop Assistants, The Field Mice and The Pains of Being Pure At Heart. It’s really that good – a sure thing to enter the canon of perennial indiepop floor-fillers.

Taken from the forthcoming 7″ single, out June 24th, 2022 on Slumberland Records/Meritorio Records/Fastcut Records/Tear Jerk Records.

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