The LINDA LINDA’S – ” Tonite ” (Go Go’s Cover)

Posted: August 3, 2022 in MUSIC

We started out as a cover band, and we’ve played more songs by @officialgogos than anyone else. And even after we started to write our own songs, we never stopped playing “Tonite.”

About a month ago teenage pop/punk sensation The Linda Lindas released
their mettlesome debut album “Growing Up“, singing/screaming about their (young) generation. Aged 12 to 18, these strong-minded juveniles put all lazy megastar bands in the shadow when it comes to throwing a get-up-and-go party with spiky
power-pop punches.

We’ve become friends with @realginaschock from The Go-Go’s, and she has drummed on the song with us at a few of our gigs. Not only were we onstage with a legend, but it allowed Mila to depart her throne, take centre stage, and show off her moves while singing lead vocals!

Because the cover is such a hit at shows, we decided to record a studio version to pay tribute to the greatest all-female rock band of all time, a crucial part of the L.A. punk scene, and our heroes.

“Tonite” is now streaming everywhere!

Written by The Go-Go’s Produced & mixed by Carlos de la Garza

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