Posted: July 27, 2022 in MUSIC

Luton dance-punk trio Regressive Left are releasing their incredible debut EP, ‘On The Wrong Side Of History’, today on Bad Vibrations! To celebrate the release the band are also sharing a new video for the ‘World On Fire’ track. Taking influence from the booming post-punk, funk and disco scenes of New York, Regressive Left’s sound is stark and danceable.

Angular guitar scratches meet dirty synth basslines, whilst Simon Tyrie’s Edwyn Collins croon is chased around by effervescent drums. The banal horror of life in Tory Britain expressed with sharp and dry wit, and then set to truly barnstorming and infectious dance music

On ‘World On Fire’, front-man Simon Tyrie says: “I don’t know if we’ll ever write a song that’s as obvious as this. It does what it says on the tin. We’re burning the world for the sake of investment portfolios, and hoping that so-called green stocks can save us, when the problem is the system itself.”

the debut EP “On The Wrong Side of History” out now on Bad Vibrations:

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