GIRLPUPPY – ” Wish “

Posted: July 24, 2022 in MUSIC

Becca Harvey aka Girlpuppy recently announced the release of her debut album, “When I’m Alone”, which will be out on October 28th on Royal Mountain Records. She also shared a video for the album’s lead single “Wish.” On ‘Wish’ I was thinking about when friends leave your life and you’re not entirely sure why,” Harvey explains in a press release.

“It’s a pretty universal feeling, I think. And, the thing is—even if you managed to live in the walls of that person’s apartment and were able to figure it out, their reasons might not make total sense. This song is me living with that feeling, when loss just doesn’t quite add up. This is the first shoegaze rock song I’ve made and I did that intentionally—the emotions in the song go from anger to sadness to nostalgia and all the other emotions that you feel when you go through a ‘friend breakup.’ I imagined it being really cathartic to play it live.”

When I’m Alone” was produced by Marshall Vore. Girlpuppy’s debut EP, “Swan“, came out last year via Royal Mountain Records

“Playful and easygoing, as [girlpuppy] paints a hopeful summertime daydream…if anyone’s pandemic sidehustle sticks I hope it’s [hers].” NPR

“One of indie folk’s most promising newcomers…her knack for lyrical scene-setting and gossamer melodies that seem to hang in the air like the scent of a freshly baked fruit pie.” NYLON

“A breezy ode to less-than-effortless love” FADER

“Destined for stardom. Her debut EP “Swan” features heartfelt serenades and bouncy indie rock jams that make her irresistible, and her delicate voice is simply magical.” Paste
Office Magazine

girlpuppy has stepped onto the scene with her debut offering, and is immediately proving to be on the path to excellence.” Line of Best Fit

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