DAWES – ” Live from the Rooftop “

Posted: July 24, 2022 in MUSIC

I’ve sung this song so many goddamn times and you would think I’d be another cliche guy-in-band that wants to tell you how the thrill is gone and I don’t wanna sing it anymore. But I’ve always felt the audience made it feel like the first time every time. Might sound corny but I mean it. Every time a room lights up w the final chorus I feel a deep gratitude I don’t get from anything else in quite the same way…but all that made it tricky to sing this song to no one on a roof. But I think it was the memory of all the shows we had under our belt, all the memories of this song and all the future times that felt threatened all the sudden that made this feel supercharged. I hope you can hear it somewhere in there.

Dawes is: Taylor Goldsmith – guitar, primary vocal Wylie Gelber – handmade bass Griffin Goldsmith – drums, percussion, vocals Lee Pardini – piano, organ, guitar, vocals Trevor Menear – guitar

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